Sunday, March 22, 2015

Learning, Learning, Learning!

I am so proud of my parents. They just learnt how to use Whatsapp. 

My father is 78 years old now. My mother is 65. And they are still learning about the new digital technology.

In part, this is due to necessity, as my brother and his family is now based in the United States. To keep in touch with them, my parents started to learn Skype. Then, to see the photos that they posted online, they started using Google+. Now, my family has started a whatsapp group to keep in touch. So, they keep up with the online gossip, they started learning whatsapp too.

It feels a bit strange to chat with my parents over Whatsapp. Usually, this is a medium reserved for the younger (albeit not so young as well) generation.

I wonder what my world will look like when I am 70 years old. 70 years ago, there was no computers, no internet, and no social media. These are the things that we take for granted nowadays. However, for them, it is as alien as using bitcoin to buy things online. 

I will take a snapshot of their first whatsapp as remembrance of this moment, and to remind myself to keep learning and evolving, even when I am 80 or 90 years old!

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