Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Morning Jogs

The cool air tingles my cheeks. I give myself a bit of a stretch. Then off I go, jogging lightly around the park.

There are scatterings of people around the park. I can see them going about their own activities as I jog. There is the uncle walking the park with a transistor radio. When you pass him by, you can hear the melodious music of Teresa Teng and other bygone years. There is another small cluster of people doing morning aerobics. Another person is doing stretching on simple machines in the exercise corner.

Most of the folks are older than me. Most of them are around my parents’ age or older. I feel slightly out of place in the park.

My jog completed. I feel sweaty and satisfied. I give the park and the folks in it a little mental wave. Bye little oasis of peace. I am going back to the real world now.

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