Monday, March 16, 2015


I had a wonderful time at Legoland recently. “Super fun!” would be how my little boy will say it.

It was the first trip with my husband’s family. For the first trip, we chose a very safe one. Just a simple drive out to the Legoland theme park less than an hour’s ride from Singapore.

We drove three cars out. There’s something great about just driving out to go somewhere. It is a mini road trip! We navigate the unfamiliar roads. There is a little (albeit small) degree of uncertainty and risk. And at the end of the drive, you arrive at your destination.

I have been to Legoland before. But somehow this time it was really fun.

Perhaps because most of us have been there before, so we knew which were the fun rides, and which were the duds. We zoomed in on the fun ones, and had a whale of a good time.

And it was not just the kiddos that had fun. The adults had a great time too at the game stalls.

Why don’t they have game stalls in Disneyland and the other theme parks? It is a fantastic money-maker. The stall master creates a game that looks simple but is deceptively difficult. You think it is a “sure win”. So you hand over a little money to the game master.

The first try you did not get a prize. The game master deliberately coaxes you to try a second time. You hand over just a little bit more.

At the end of it, you had actually parted a tidy sum of money.

Well, the saving grace is that we really did win a lot of super-huge, super-cute soft toys. The kids were happy. The adults were happy (because we won!). And we try not to think of the money we spent.

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