Saturday, July 11, 2015

Exploring Punggol on Two Wheels: A Perfect Birthday!

For my birthday this year, I mooted the idea of exploring a part of Singapore we are unfamiliar with on two wheels to my husband. 

With an ever expanding interlinks of park connectorsSingapore is fast transforming into a city that is really accessible by bikes. The only drawback is the weather, which is hot and humid. Still, there is much to be enjoyed by the amateur biker if you choose the right time and place to go. 

For our first adventure on two wheels, we chose a very simple route to tackle: The scenic Punggol Waterway and the roads surrounding it.

We started our route from The Punggol Settlement. This is the go-to place for foodies, with its crop of restaurants overlooking the sea. There are now only two bike shops in the area, at both ends of the Punggol Settlement. However, the bikes they offer are in tip-top condition, probably because most of them are relatively new. 

Punggol is a housing estate in the north-eastern part of Singapore. It is a relatively new town that was set up as part of this plan by the Gah-men to de-congest the older housing estates such as Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh or Bedok. To incentivize Singaporeans to move to this new town, the government put in much thought and effort into the planning and development of this estate.

Punggol Waterway refers to the man-made water canal that runs through the heart of the estate. It actually connects up two reservoirs at its ends. Along the waterway, there are cycling paths that offer serene and scenic views, along with nice touches such as beautiful bridges and resting points. 

There is something incredibly nice about exploring unknown places on two wheels. The cool breeze on our faces, the feel of the wheels smoothly gliding along the road, and the companionship of my loved one all makes for one great experience. Add to that the scenery before our eyes, and it really makes for a perfect day.

While cycling, we also had time to admire the new town that is literally being built before our eyes. We marvelled at how Singapore is fast changing and becoming more beautiful by the day. We gaped at how gorgeous HDBs are becoming! It is truly waterfront living at the fraction of the price that people in other countries will pay. 

After two to three hours of biking around Punggol, we decided to call it a day. We wound back at Punggol Settlement, returned our bikes, and proceeded to a nice restaurant to have our dinner.

All in all, a perfect birthday! Kudos to my hubby, who is always the one with the great implementation, while I come up with the funky ideas. We make a perfect team! :)

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