Monday, December 28, 2015

The Writing Challenge: Post 1

Oh boy, this is harder than it sounds. My New Year resolution is to start a writing habit. I will wake up at 6 am every Tuesday to write at least 250 words. As a start, I committed to only do this for the next four Tuesdays.

Today is the first Tuesday. Although I knew that I had to wake up earlier today, I still slept pretty late yesterday. I know, I know. Curse my lack of discipline! To compound the issue, my 3-year old boy woke up in the middle of the night asking for Mama. So of course I had a problem waking up early this morning.

So as the alarm started ringing at 5:45 am, it was with Herculean efforts that I managed to wake up. By the time I woke up, it was 6:45 am! That leaves me only 15 minutes to write! ‘Cos by 7 am I need to get ready for the day, so that I can call my kids up to get ready for their day by 7:30 am.

Just as I was ready to write… my little boy woke up again! This time to ask for milk. Why oh why is it so hard to even ask for a little time to do this!

So I made milk for him and scrambled to start writing on my laptop. Thankfully I only made a commitment to write 250 words every week. So I am now at at 243th word. It is still going to be a success!

Lessons learnt from this episode:

  • Have the discipline to sleep early if you need to wake up early
  • Be prepared for anything that can happen
  • Start small! By committing to only write 250 words a week, I managed to create a success for myself! Small successes will sustain me to the next successes. 

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