Friday, May 8, 2015

My 4.5 yr old wrote a book!

The fun thing about being a parent with little kids is all the surprises that you encounter on your journey.

The other day, while recuperating from a bout of stomach flu, my 4.5 year old gal actually "wrote" a "book"!

She took a stack of post-its, and started to doodle on it. Then she asked me how to write a certain sentence, and painstakingly copied down the sentence I wrote for her. After a whole afternoon, this is the "book" she produced.

Title: The Girl Can Change

By Si Bin Rui
Hi, my (name) is Areaia.

The girl is in the toilet.   

 This is the girl's shirt.

Now the girl is a little kid.

Looks like the girl is a Princess.

A girl needs (indecipherable handwriting)...

I swear I didn't influence her at all in what she wrote. I really don't know how she came up with these.
It seems to have quite a (semi) coherent storyline of a girl changing her clothes. 
The funniest was the "The End" page. I was trying to encourage her to end her book-writing and go take a nap. So I asked her to write "The End". She said, "ok, ok" and proceeded to write large capital letters "D" and "N".

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