Thursday, April 2, 2015


We are at crossroads of our life all the time. We have the power to change our path. As such, any point in your life is a crossroad.

That said, sometimes the crossroads are prompted by life changes. Take for example, the birth of a child. It might prompt you to think. Do I want to be a full-time mum, a career woman or something in between? Death is another great bearer of change.

I have a colleague who is at her crossroads. She has chosen to apply for a one-year sabbatical leave. What is she going to do during the sabbatical? I am not so close to her that she will choose to divulge it to me. When I ask her this question, she just tells me that she will be going on long vacations to exotic countries, and will also spend time tinkering on some ideas that she has. It’s all very vague to me.

Nevertheless, I wish her the best of luck.

It is always exciting to witness people at the cusp of changing directions. First, there will be this great inertia. Then comes the voices in the head. Either you just get lost in this phase and gradually learn to shut those voices out, or you come out of the voices with a resolution to change. If you do come out of the fog with a conviction that change is needed, then I think we should give the person the courage to forge ahead.

Success can be defined any number of ways.  Why is there a need to define success the conventional way? Let success be whatever your “version” of it is. Have courage, take heart, seize the day.

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