Saturday, April 18, 2015

Discipline and Habit

My husband was remarking the other day that successful people he admire are rarely fat and flabby.

“It boils down to discipline,” he said. “To be successful, you have to be disciplined. It is the same with exercising. If you always make excuses for yourself, you will not exercise. So successful people are able to discipline themselves to exercise. It is the same principle that makes them successful in the first place.”

While I buy into this argument, there is something about the word “discipline” that I don’t like. It brings to mind caning, military training and other negative images.

I countered, “Well, exercise takes discipline at the initial start. But after a while, you form the habit of exercising. Then it doesn’t feel so onerous after all. Because it becomes a part of you."

This conversation came to mind as I think about what to blog.I am now still at the initial starting phase of blogging. So it is hard now. Because it is not yet a habit.

When I first started this blog, I wanted to blog at least once a week. However, whenever I sat down to blog, I found excuses for myself. I had no time, I didn’t know what to blog, why was I blogging in the first place?? On and on the yaddering in my head went.

Even now, I am struggling.

What I found is that it becomes easier over time. Slowly and surely, it will become easier to sit down in front of a computer, and hammer out a full blog entry that makes sense.

Perseverance is at the heart of success.

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